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 Guida ai Mini-Avatar lvl 20. solo inglese.

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MessaggioTitolo: Guida ai Mini-Avatar lvl 20. solo inglese.   Mer Gen 02, 2008 11:58 am

So here we are.
this is my first attempt to write something like a guide, so be cool with me ok?

first of all: equipment. (this is what i used. it costs a bit but it worked well^^)
WPN: Hermit's Wand
SUB: np
RNG: np
HEAD: Cotton Headband
NECK: Bloodbead Amulet
EAR1: Physical Earring
EAR2: Physical Earring
BODY: Priest's Robe
HANDS: Scentless Armlets
RING1: Saintly Ring
RING2: Lapislazuli Ring (Another saintly would be better)
BACK: Mist Silk Cape
WAIST: Silver Obi +1
LEGS: Black Slacks
FEET: Sandals
why all these things?
the avatars will give you lots of problems when you try to recast Carby out. so we want lots of interruption rate down and evasion boost.
also, the more HP you get in this fight, the better. i had 309 with all that things on.

second thing to do is max out smn magic skill. it's hard and long, but it's worth the effort to do it. less resistance against Searing Light (SL from now on).

third: the items.
i brought on all fights this set:

5x X Potion
5x Ether
3x Yagudo Drink
1x Selbina Milk
1x Boiled Crab
they are more then enough. in all fights i used:

3x X Potion
2x Ether
2x Yagudo Drink
1x Selbina Milk
1x Boiled Crab

Four: about buffs and days.
the only buffs i got in all fights were Protect and Aquaveil, both casted by myself at the beginning of the fight.
regarding days. i never really watched days so my only advice is to take lightsday if you have problems about SL being resisted.

Five: what i did.
well. as i enter the battlefield i do the following:

1. Carby
2. Yagudo Drink
3. Selbina Milk
4. Boiled Crab
5. Protect
6. Aquaveil

i do all this as i enter, even before moving first step ahead.
2nd step, run all the way to the avatar remaining at a safe distance and mash assault macro.
when carby engages run down at the entrance.
by that time carby should be dead.
re summon as he dies.
important. when you re summon you'll don't need to mash assault again since carby will run to the avatar on his own.
when he engages again, then it is time for SL.
i made two separated macros for SL.
first one with astral flow, wait 3 then SL, the second with SL only.
when carby does SL be sure to remain next to the avatar and to carby, or else you'll miss.
also, you'll have to drink immediately an ether, but wait to do so till mp drops to 0-2 (refresh on, that saves carby from disappearing).
once you drinked the ether, you should have enough time to run a bit towards the top of battlefield before carby dies again.
if not, mash carby macro till he gets out (always keep an eye on your HP. if they go yellow - orange drink an x potion then try to resummon).
well. at this point things start to be somehow harder, but still not impossible.
you'll have to wait a min between one SL and another. take that time to heal yourself or to run far from avatar just in case of 2hr or carby's death.
on 2nd SL you'll have to be careful. that's the harder passage in all fight i think.
avatar like to 2hr you when you mash SL macro for the 2nd time. not always, but often. be very careful on carby's HP when you're ready to do 2nd SL. if he dies after you've mashed the macro well, you lost 1 SL with no dmg at all ><.
make sure it's safe to cast it.
also keep an eye on refresh. my refresh used to wear off right before 2nd SL.
Yagudo Drink immediatly and SL again.
after that, drink again an ether and always watch your HP. remember, keeping yourself alive is more important then trying to resummon. the last one is not a problem at all. you should be able to do that. only prob you can get is some kind of difficulty on getting carby out.
don't worry, with that equip and aquaveil it will take max 2 tries to get him out again. then last SL and enjoy your winning.

sixth: the human side.
also important is to be cool and not to panic when things begin to get worse.
remember you don't lose any exp if you die in these fights^^.
only problem could be items waste.
if you see thing getting bad (like SL resisted twice, carby that doesn't come out after many tries and things like those) you better keep items for next fight and let you die.
also, the 24 hr rule is a fake. or better, half fake.
everyday the server resets at a certain hour. it is 5 pm in italy (11 am in USA i think). when server resets you'll be able to fight avatar again.
so if you fight an avatar let's say at 3 pm italian time, you can re try it within only 2 hours.
the 24 hr rule is valid if you fight avatar right after server reset.

seventh: exceptions.
well, there are 2 exceptions at this tactic: Ramuh and Garuda.
Ramuh as his first move paralyzes you and carby. be sure to sub whm with paralyna.
Garuda can be a pain in the ass. that pain name is Aerial Armor, aka Blink. this stat can make one SL to go totally to waste so watch out.
Also remember to cast barwatera when you fight Leviathan. it helps a lot.

well, i think that's all. that's how i did them.
if you have any questions just send a /tell Aleen or reply on this page. Good Luck to all^^

Titan: 1/1
Shiva: 1/1
Ifrit: 1/1
Ramuh: 1/1
Garuda: 1/1
Leviathan: 1/1

see ya online^^

Scusate ragazzi, ma al momento non ho proprio voglia di tradurla lmao. Forse in futuro.
Nota: Scritta nel Marzo 2005 agli inizi della mia carriera da SMN per la LS SpiritsWithin.
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Guida ai Mini-Avatar lvl 20. solo inglese.
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